Letters from Mongo...

[ Wednesday, April 17, 2002 ]

Unmasking unmasking unmasking... this is the craft of adversarial politics. The Bush demonstrates to his reticent countrymen that the foes are not to be believed, trusted or succored. The war is therefore won to the direct proportion that this sentiment can be nurtured. There is nothing quite so awe-striking as an enraged nation, especially one justly enraged. Oh, to be at the head of such a wave! The gleaming weapons, the piercing eyes, the thunderous acclaimations... ah, these pleasures of Power I see do still accrue under the mobocracy, perhaps with even greater savour. The Bush must delight, as any with the Will to Power would and should. Remember though, when all seem focused on a single point the wary leader still scans the blank horizon. Failure to do so gives the usurper a commodius entry. Ming the Usurper. I would eschew it not.
Ming [Wednesday, April 17, 2002]

[ Tuesday, April 16, 2002 ]

A lesson learned late is superior than a lesson learned never. I see that reality does ultimately intrude even into the smoke and mirrors wilderness of your mobocracy. Ever is it in the ways of war or peace... unmasking is the sum of all. We unmask ourselves, we peep under the mask of our adversary and most importantly, we yank the mask away for others to gawk, awstruck, at the gruesome contenance those with the Will to Power always possess. And Ming? Of course dear reader, Ming is the worst of a bad bunch but I worry not that this admission will gain Mud any advantage should I cast more than a glance at your planet. Men, like all the races I have encountered, have dreadful memories over all. A Ruler, however, never forgets.
Ming [Tuesday, April 16, 2002]

[ Tuesday, April 09, 2002 ]

The vagueries of "democracy" intrude into affairs of state. Which shall yield? Need one ask? The Bush is to be pitied for there is no more irksome labor for one with the Will to Power than the necessity to assuage allies with soothing platitudes. On Mud, at least in this America, it seems the leader must constantly (constantly!) maintain as allies fully half of the population. As a veteran of lugubrious negotiations with the Zaygons, the Slime-folk of Petulari, The Alcoan Trade League and countless others I can attest that such chores are weighty enough. At least I could ultimately retire to my palaces, flay a flunky or two and await in comfort the time for the adept betrayal. The Bush has no such recourse. He must speak in a multitude of toungues, maintaining the requisite fictions, assuaging or inflaming rage, stroking or undermining egos... PERPETUALLY! And all the while these... writers pursue him harping constantly that he violates consistency. How rude. How foolish. How unnecessary. If only he would grasp the reins firmly and tell his lies with the vigor they require. Have I contradicted myself? Well, the record will be repaired. The memories will be... corrected and we shall continue on under my... ooh, I have run away with myself a bit. Ming is ever quick to rise to the moment and such a faculty is not for all men, I must remember. Well, I shall watch these developments with interest and perhaps to my own benefit. For if The Bush can keep his ship of state fueled on fictions (as they all are) in such an inhospitable environment, I may gain an insight or two. In any event, war is joined and that makes your precious planet Dirt unignorable.
Ming [Tuesday, April 09, 2002]

[ Thursday, March 28, 2002 ]

I have closely watched this creature, Arafat, and oh, what a study he is! What observer of events, recent and otherwise, could be surprised that now, at the conclusion of a blinding stroke, he purrs with talk of peace. A close study of this man is absolutely essential, I have found, to explain this paradox of the strong subjugated by the weak. As I understand, these Israelis are far beyond their enemies in military wares and skills, yet through the crafty manipulation of intriguers, egos and this braying media of yours, Arafat is able to muddy the waters enough to forestall a killing blow. I applaud the audacity but wonder at the final effect. After all, how long can the heads of state in Israel or the mighty United States ignore the obvious; that these attacks are as much at the behest of Arafat as those on Afghanistan are at the behest of Bush. So what that he periodically declaims their authorship? What is talk, compared to action? Now, no doubt there are loose cannons and the over-eager who may not adhere strictly to the Arafat schedule of events but that is of no matter so long as they are loyal, vicious and numerous. They have proven themselves to be all three. The most Arafat can manage, at this point, is to claim that the affairs of state are bound up into an irremediable scrum of competition and cooperation on which he only precariously sits. True, true that may be and it is as true of all leaders, tyrannical or otherwise, but if truly the fog obscures Arafat from confronting these "terrorists" (a marvelous coinage!) then what can he assert his own value to be? Is he not then, just another obscuring vapor to be fanned away? Such are the mind-plagueing doubts of one who aspires to the Will to Power. What sympathies I command, do settle on his shoulders, poor chap. If by some miracle of trickery this fellow still sits his throne when (or if) Ming decides to afflict your sphere, he will have proven himself the superior, at least, to your "elected" betters and may serve yet as a local ally to Ming. But this would surprise me. As events are unfolding only the most obstinate thicket of idiots could persist in this malicious blather about "peace" when war is already so bloodily joined.
Ming [Thursday, March 28, 2002]

[ Friday, March 22, 2002 ]

Throughout the career of one with the Will to Power there is a delicious moment that, if one is fortunate and shrewd, will replay itself again and again. I like to call it, Showing the Dagger. A dagger is almost never involved, of course, but it describes the instant where one abandons a feigned amiability, bares ones canines and utters the blistering ultimatum that always must underly the affairs of state. "Ming will war on you." is a most unwelcome answer to an impolitic question when the fellow on the receiving end is out of his depth. A delicious moment it is and I suspect that this functionary of your world's most powerful state has waited many years for so ripe an opportunity. Finally, the curtain is torn. Now, do not think that Ming eschews flattery and good humour with my fellow tyrants. Indeed, it is the only opportunity a leader may have for conversation with anyone who will dare venture their own opinion. But of course, this is an incidental indulgence sublimated to the Greater Glory of Mongo... which is to say, the greater wealth and power of my noble self. And what a catharsis it is! Oh, I envy this Cheney on such a day! How the intriguers grin must have melted from the poor Prince's face! I sometimes long to hear the discharge of your primitive weapons and the battle cries of your many peoples. I suspect it would be far more soulful than the indiscriminate minstrations of the Anihilizer or the implaccable anguish of the Ming's Breath Plague. Forfend the day that such engines rob your martial exploits of their valorous color.
Ming [Friday, March 22, 2002]

[ Thursday, March 21, 2002 ]

I see that this democracy of yours does not obviate the necessity to strike all favorable memory of one's predecessor from the public conciousnsess. In fact, I can see that it might make it ever more vital. Of course, useful policies should be continued and Ming is a big believer in Law and Order (my Law under my Orders) so these policies of long incarceration for those who arm themselves against The State are quite resonable. Also reasonable though is this obliteration of the father of these notions, as he is no longer at the Seat of Power. Again Ming sees the timeless shape and color of court intrigue burbling through your oh-so-superior system... and Ming laughs. If ever your sphere of Dirt is honored by a more intimate knowledge of Ming there will be much razing of signage and throwing down of trophies. Long will the fires burn! I see that this land of Virgina (sounds delightfully populated) is often the locale of incidents that pique the Royal imagination. Also this West Virgina. I understand almost its entirety is scrupulously named for its most powerful son; a fellow of unbounded Will to Power by the name of Byrd. Now that is magestic! Perhaps Ming will find suitable allies in humanity after all.
Ming [Thursday, March 21, 2002]

[ Wednesday, March 13, 2002 ]

Ming must admit of beffuddlement at these events. From what I can gather, the situation of the present is the product of wars fought some years ago wherein these Israelis were attacked, repelled said attacks with a fulsome victory and then... negotiated? This is an astonishment and I admit it has taken much study for me to grasp this notion. For some time, I wondered if "war" as a concept were fundamentally different on Mud than on Mongo. But no, destruction is destruction; greater technology only alters the pace. So whomever the Israeli leader is, and it seems the perversions of mobocracy have changed the helmsman's post frequently during these troubles, he is utterly failing in the First Obligation of the State; survival. How the Israeli subjects have not deposed this leader or leaders, crushed them under their heels and then exploded from the Stables of Mars (heh, I love Latin) with every engine of war at their disposal is a mystery, though perhaps one soon to be resolved. Now, I do see that The Bush has his own reasons of state to calm this supposed ally to maintain for a time some crucial fictions and perhaps the Israelis see The Bush and his nation of warrior-shopkeepers as their ultimate foundation, but how true must one be to such a foundation when it slips and shudders and promises to cast one's nation to the savage winds at the first profitable opportunity? All creatures of whatever planet will fight like deamons to ensure their own survival. Ming has profited from this wisdom many times and also from its corrollary; that the realization that national survival is at risk, is the most unpallatable of truths and will be resisted by all who treasure comfort above rigor. Thus do the comforts of Power accrue to Ming. To whom these comforts accrue on Dirt, is yet uncertain.
Ming [Wednesday, March 13, 2002]

Were such a missive to come from the mouth of a tyrant, I would immediately take position to salvage his shattered kingdom. The fecklessness and cowardice these bizarre pronouncements demonstrate would deservedly precipitate revolt and impalement for one with the Will to Power and an office to match, but what is the consequence in your mobocracy? So far, there has been near none. Certainly some amusing carping has been in evidence... a strange phenomenon to me but apparently of no great weight on the planet Dirt. This seems another of those paradoxical enticements for Ming towards a system more like your own. When an underling of Ming speaks, he speaks with the Voice of Ming and is as rightly feared and obeyed. If he misspeaks, well, his tounge lingers not long in his head nor his head on his shoulders. But... to one less infallible than Mingself, there is perhaps a virtue in these semi-autonomous cretins venting their own pathetic notions. That is, their plausible distance from the Seat of Power so that they may be, if necessary, ignored or dissavowed. Personally, such a dissavowal would seem to carry more weight punctuated by the sweet hum of laser rifles, but perhaps the quiet rubbishing of this functionary will suffice and leave him in place, weakened, like a sacrificial zognee in a stall. Again I declare a fascination for the court intriguers on your sphere. What a delicate dance these marvels affect! Is it the more graceful if they dance WITHOUT a weapon pointed at their bowels? Or less so? Hmmm.
Ming [Wednesday, March 13, 2002]